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Travel guide, news, events and business directory for Santorini Greece

As much as you may have seen the

Santorini island

in photos, as much as you may have heard people talk about her, as much as you may have read about her, it is nonetheless impossible not to be hypnotized when you first glance at the caldera and you gaze over the bright blue sea; it is almost impossible to resist, as it is calling you to jump right into the deep blue and be engulfed by it.

It would almost be impossible to tell what the best time of the day to enjoy the island is, since the variety of colors, shapes and smells is at an everlasting playful dance all throughout the day. Peaceful, almost mystical mornings, afternoons spent playing on the beach, the yellow and red hues of the best sunset in the world to the tune of classical music, and nighttime fun suited for all types and tastes…

Santorini and her ancient grounds are welcoming all guests in their bosoms eager to share the secrets of timeless history. A journey through time tasting the flavors and smells of locally grown products, day trips to well hidden wineries enjoying wine to your heart’s content; traditional Greek food in little taverns with live music, gourmet and Mediterranean cuisine in more modern restaurants; and a nightlife for all tastes tempting you like the songs of the Sirenes to get swept in it. A variety of shopping spots are also available to satisfy the most demanding shoppers.

Santorini is a unique, magical destination; anyone who has travelled to it at least once knows this well. This island is a wonderful mystery!

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Featured Restaurants

Nikolas Nicolas traditional food restaurant One of the oldest taverna of the island. Located in Fira, serves traditional home made food. more
Ampelos Restaurant Ampelos in Fira Santorini If you really want to taste excellent Mediterranean cuisine while staring at the volcanic caldera view, Ampelos restaurant is the place to go. In... more

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