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Santorini Weddings

Imagine clear blue skies, crystal clear waters and fine, sandy beaches, plus a volcano. Welcome to the Greek island of Santorini, the place where more and more couples are choosing to get married, hence, the rise in number of Santorini weddings.

Santorini, officially known as Thira, is an island found in the southern Aegean Sea. The island is a remnant of a huge volcanic explosion that destroyed the earliest settlements. There is a big and deep lagoon surrounded by steep cliffs on three sides and is connected to the sea in the northwest and southwest portions. Its primary industry is tourism and people like to go visit during the summer months. The island is the world's number one island for 2011 according to Travel+Leisure Magazine.

Santorini weather, climate and the location of this spectacular island make it an ideal place for beach weddings. A lot has been said about the sunset in Santorini and this makes for a perfect backdrop in weddings. Santorini weddings are easy to plan since there are a lot of wedding planners and wedding coordinators in the island who will be glad to help you. A basic wedding package will cost you about 500 Euros and this will include fees for the celebrant, registrant, marriage application and certificate, the agency, and reservations on the wedding date. The flowers in the wedding will mostly come from the island and these are seasonal flowers. Remember that the climate in the island is arid and dry, so if you want different flowers than what is available, tell your planner in advance so he or she can order them. However, imported flowers can be more expensive. Other packages include complimentary witnesses, luxury service cars, and photographer and video services. The wedding packages offered are often flexible so you can tailor-fit them to your needs.

If you are not a Greek citizen but you want to have your wedding in Santorini, keep in mind that there are legal documents that you need to sort out. Some documents may need to be translated in Greek, and you can have these translated at the Greek embassy in your home country. Some wedding planners would ask that you submit all your required legal documents at least one month before the wedding, and that the wedding documents should not be dated older than three months from the wedding day.

Having a beach wedding is much cheaper than having a traditional wedding in a church. In this type of wedding, you have the option to invite only those who are nearest and dearest to you, especially if you want a small and intimate wedding. You can choose to pay for all the expenses of the bridal party and tell the rest of the family that they have to pay for their own accommodations. The island hosts a number of hotels that can suit your needs and budget, it is up to you. You will not have to worry about thinking of where to go for your honeymoon because you can have your honeymoon in the island. It can also be like a wedding, honeymoon and family vacation all in one.

Santorini weddings can be a dream come true for a lot of couples, with a little planning and some effort. Remember to talk to a wedding planner and have your wedding date booked to make sure the day you want is available. If all things go as planned, you will have a truly memorable and unique wedding with the volcano and the sunset in the background.

Weddings in Santorini



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