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Local Products

Besides the special and unique beauty of its landscape, the island of Santorini gives the opportunity for the travelers to make a tour into the wonderful world of flavours by tasting the local products. The diversity of Santorini’s soil is the reason that makes Santorini local products differentiate than others and provides them with an outstanding savour.

So, if you choose to travel to Santorini, try, first of all, Santorini cherry tomatoes. It is so tasty and sweet that can be eaten as a sweet. If you prefer the traditional Greek salad, try it by adding the local capers that grows and retracted from the terraces of the island on the south side of Caldera. Do not forget also to try the katsouni, as Santorinians used to name their local cucumbers. If you are lucky and lit upon chlorotyri (a kind of curds), do not hesitate at all but enjoy this delicacy as well. The white eggplant of Santorini is also a special local product so tasty and sweet that not even need to soak the bitterness out. Finally, the magnificent fava beans (split peas), the most famous among the other Greek fava, is cooked on the island in many different ways.

A must for the beginning is the tomato balls or else fake meatballs, a delicacy that you must try a dish, along with fava with onions, or octopus and accompanied by a glass of local ouzo. The famous Vinsanto wine or Visando, accompanies not only savory but also sweet dishes as well, such as the traditional spoon sweet with almond the cufeto, which Santorinians usually offer it at weddings, christenings and name days.
The cultivate trip to Santorini traditional products, is only a small part of the holidays you will not forget, especially if you remember to take with you on the way back home many of these goodies that are available throughout the island.